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Relaxation Exercises

woman-407179_1280Relaxation exercises are easy to learn and implement and can be remarkably effective in addressing stress, decreasing anxiety, and all kinds of phobias and other similar concerns.

Take a few minutes out our your busy day and just relax. Audio files are most effective when you listen with headphones, this may minimize any distractions. Turn the phone off, close the door and allow yourself a few minutes of doing and being nothing.

Do not listen to these mp3 files while driving a car or participating in any activiey that requires your full attention.


Relaxation Exercise 1 (mp3 audio file)

This exercise will direct you to systematically relax your major muscle groups by briefly flexing your muscles and then slowly releasing the tension.

The recording is about nine minutes long.

Relaxation_Exercise_1 is available.


Relaxation Exercise 2 (mp3 audio file)

In this exercise, you will progressively release tension from your major muscle groups and then will be guided in using deep breathing, affirming statements and the visualization of a “safe place” to achieve a relaxed state.

The recording is about 15 minutes long.

Relaxation_Exercise_2 is available.


* You can listen to any exercise directly from this Web site, or you can download the exercises onto your computer. The recordings of these exercises are not copyrighted. They can be used, copied or recorded to a CD freely. 
Reference: Information from Website of William and Hobart Smith Colleges, July 08, 2008.